Podcasts to Check Out (Not Just Because I Said So)


This is a list of reading and/or writing based podcasts I like to listen to on a pretty regular basis. Podcasts, if you don’t already know, are a great way to kill time, learn things, and discover stuff. For example, I’ve found new authors and books while listening to these podcasts and I’ve gotten some really helpful tips on writing. I heard of Mishell Baker through one of these podcasts (sorry I can’t remember which one although I know it was either Writing Excuses or I Should be Writing), at the same time I already had the book Borderline!

The app I use to listen to podcasts I like is Podcast Addict. I used the search function to find quite a few of these. Then I went online and searched for more.

Death of a Thousand Cuts by Tim Clare – This podcast I like because Tim is a published author, dissects the first page of someone’s unpublished novel they submit to him, he chats about writing and being a writer, and he interviews authors. These episodes are usually pretty long, at least an hour, and sometimes he goes on long rants, but he’s funny and honest. He also struggles with anxiety and often talks about how that’s going for him. He wrote The Honours and his new book, The Ice House, will be out in May 2019. I plan to read The Honours sooner than later so stay tuned for my review.

Writing Excuses – I honestly can’t even remember how I found this podcast but I am so glad I did! This podcast I like for a lot of reasons. Every episode is about 15 minutes long. It’s all about writing. It’s hosted by pretty successful authors, admittedly I have NOT read any of their work. The core hosts are Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler. They have regular guest hosts; the last season 13 guest hosts were Maurice Broaddus, Aliette de Bodard, Amal El-Mohtar, & Valynne E. Maetani. They are currently on season 14. Every season is themed and this time around it’s Worldbuilding. In addition to these authors discussing the theme every episode, they share a book of the week and give some writing homework. It was thanks to this podcast I found Life Inside My Mind, which Dan Wells has an essay in.

Literary Friction – Hosted by Carrie Plitt & Octavia Bright. These two ladies discuss book themes, reading, and chat with authors on a regular basis. They seem to read a pretty wide range of genres. These episodes tend to be on the long end, close to an hour or more. These ladies can get a little spicy but not too spicy.

Reading Women – This podcast is hosted by Kendra Winchester & Autumn Privett. This year they’ve added some co-hosts, Sachi Argabright, Jaclyn Masters, & Sumaiyya Naseem. They discuss books about and/or written by women, fiction and non-fiction. So far I wouldn’t say they read a lot of fantasy or science fiction but they don’t discriminate. They’re kind of on the more mellow end in terms of their personalities so it should be interesting to see what their new contributors bring to the picture. I found this podcast I like searching the internet. I have yet to read books I’ve heard about on the podcast but I have written down a title to check out Birds of Opulence.

Minorities in Publishing – This podcast, created by Jenn Baker, is rather new to me but so far it’s very interesting. They discuss the diversity or lack thereof in the publishing industry. She talks to diverse authors about their books and their experience as a minority in the publishing industry.

I Should Be Writing – Hosted by Murr Lafferty, I found this podcast I like searching Podcast Addict. Murr is a successful author who also hosts the podcast Ditch Diggers, I don’t listen to that one but I think I’ll start. Ditch Diggers is apparently not so PG while I Should Be Writing is kid friendly. She hasn’t really been that active with this podcast for several months now. She talks to other authors sometimes but mostly talks about her writing and shares tips. Sh also answers questions people have posted for her.

Ditch Diggers – Hosted by Murr Lafferty & Matt Wallace. Winner of the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Fancast. I did it, I went and checked this podcast out. Don’t you know I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I Should Be Writing is, as they said, more PG and this is more for adults which means it’s lots of fun to listen to. They talk all things writing and publishing. Sometimes they just rant to each other, sometimes they have authors or publishing industry folks on there and they always fill us in on what they’re up to. So I’m a new fan.

Putting this page together about the podcasts I like reminds me I need to keep better track of the authors and books I find through these channels but also how I heard of the books I read period. I’ll add how I found them to my reviews. I’m also going to look into the authors here and maybe add their books to my 2019 TBR.

Do you listen to any of these podcasts I like? What podcasts do you listen to? Please feel free to share, let’s get chatty!


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  1. I appreciate this list very much. I’ve been wanting to find podcasts about writing, but haven’t gotten around to it. Thank you for sharing this–now I don’t have to the digging myself. 🙂

    1. Absolutely! Glad you found it helpful. I think you’ll especially enjoy Writing Excuses. Really useful advice. Let me know what you think.

      And thanks for stopping by!

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