What is this all about? 

For starters it’s about me, eLPy, the person, the reader, the writer, the gardener, the artist. It’s about a not-so-young but youngish woman navigating the world through art and the natural world.

In 2013 I published my debut poetry collection. Since then I have been starting, putting aside, restarting, and throwing various works in the drawer. These days I’m working on my first novel which isn’t the same first novel as in 2014 – that one is shelved at the moment – but it is the first novel from 2017 NaNoWriMo. This novel, this at present fantasy novel – my debut novel – doesn’t want to share itself until perhaps 2023. So stay tuned folks and check the site out after these messages because I’ll always be right back! 😉

In addition, and behind the scenes, this site is and will be, directly and indirectly, about mental health and wellness. It’s about reading, writing, readers, writers, people talking and sharing, telling and knowing. This site is and will be a place to explore corners of creativity. This site will be about growing your own food and being a part of the environment, not just taking from it. The eLPy Dimension will encompass many of the things that make me tick.

I am an author and I want people to get to know me, that’s why I started blogging in the first place. But, forgive me lest I sound arrogant because that’s not my aim, I think there’s something I can offer by sharing some of my perspectives. Oh yes and I am an Instagram gardener, I’ll be sure to figure out how to create that link.