Hello and Welcome, I appreciate you taking the time to come here and see what this page is about. If you’ve been here before then welcome back. You might notice that I’m changing things again. I hope you enjoy what you find. If so I encourage you to leave a comment letting me know what you think, ask questions, and/or share.

The purpose of this page is to showcase myself as a creative individual. Mostly I am a writer but I also dabble in visual art like photography, mainly of the natural world. (I quietly practice beadweaving here and there and dream of being more of a crafter, but that’s an entirely different conversation. Just thought I’d share. 😉 ) I am also an avid gardener and worm farmer so if that interests you I encourage you to visit me on Instagram @TheElpyDimension.

In 2013 I published my debut poetry collection, That Which Lives Within. My style of poetry is free form, stream of consciousness. In that book I also shared what I coined as poepics (poetry in pictures) as well as other images I captured and created. Aside from having it printed (yes I have physical copies of a soft cover book with a lovely matte finish, which I think feels fabulous) and formatted for digital publication by Thomson Shore, the design of the book is entirely me. It is listed on Goodreads however it is not for sale at this time. If you are interested in a copy please reach out to me. I do plan one day to rerelease That Which Lives Within with some bonus material.

At this time I am working on my first novel, let’s call it a paranormal fantasy. It most likely will not be a stand alone book but we’ll see. It all began as a short story I was working on my for second book, which was to be a poetry/prose collection (another “shelved” project, for now). When NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2017 began I decided to join. At that time I was working on a completely different idea for a novel, but it felt best to shelf it for the time being, and write something else. So I picked this particular short story, my mind thought hey what about this, and BAM, I started my novel. I do believe I “won” that year of NaNoWriMo, meaning I achieved the goal of 50k words in a month. I have participated in every year since then however I have not “won” each time. I will be joining again for 2023, if you’re also a participant let me know and stay tuned as I will share my progress this November. I have struggled with many aspects of writing (and continue to as most of us do) that I will share here on my blog, in addition to sharing my photography (visual art) writing short stories, flash fiction, poems, and more. From time to time I might post a review (or something to that effect) of something I’ve recently read/listened to. I have kept my previous reviews (from when I tried to be a book blogger, hats off to all of you who do that.) There are other projects I’m working on behind the scenes so stay tuned.

Giving credit where credit is due is very important to me. This means I will tag and link relevant people/content creators where appropriate and as I am aware. This also means I like to do shout-outs and spotlight creative individuals I find interesting, including but not limited to social media content creators, podcasters, photographers, and writers. I believe in supporting other creators however I do not do like-for-like, sub-for-sub exchanges. You can find links to the people or groups I support on my Interesting People doing Interesting Things page. While I don’t share my gardening here, outside of possibly using it for photography, creative non-fiction or creative writing purposes, I will have a section within the Interesting People page for gardeners, homesteaders, and others because that is such an important part of my life and I know that people could benefit from learning more about growing our own food. Just saying…

So again, I thank you for spending some of your time here checking out what I have to share. It really means a lot. If you would like to receive notifications on when I post please click the follow link. At this time (it’s 12 September, 2023) I plan to post twice a week. As I iron out my new process I will likely nail that down to two specific days. Also please be aware I am currently remodeling this site so if it seems a little confusing at times don’t let that discourage you from coming back. Have a lovely day. Stay safe. — eLPy