Here’s to My Blossoms

How do I promote what I wrote

When I’m in air like smoke

Just there, could be a joke

But these are mine

The lines each time, each rhyme

These are mine

Stories in em, behind em

And in the process of their line up

Making em 3D is what’s important to me

Show the world the world I see

There’s something learned to be

Had from me and what that means to be

It’s got to be right, and it’s got to be tight

Packaged with care manifesting what’s to share

It’s real, but not yet

This is my dilemma, thought to share it too

Let’s see what happens, what I do

Because when it’s out, it’s there

Who knows maybe it’ll go everywhere

Most hoped to be somewhere

Not professing to be any more than me

But if there’s some pieces you can gather

From my scattering of seeds

Then I hope to help your garden grow,

I’ll be pleased

And thank God for all that’s been given to me.

I’ve been given a seed and I’m gonna plant it

When it blossoms, you’ll see it cuz I’ll share it.                                                                                       Next Poem

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