In the Life of My Garden


Although this page is very much a work in progress I wanted to give you a place to land and maybe bookmark. 🙂 I’m still figuring out much of the technical aspects of blogging (yes I am) so I can have my gardening posts here. You’ll likely still see all my posts in my feed but I would prefer for this page to be the go-to place for gardening and vermiculture related posts.

In the meantime (while I finish some posts for you), this is the landing page for this series/category/section of my blog. Please feel free to share if you’re gardening, what, how (containers, beds, fields?), in what zone, or just say hi.

This page will be “living” in the sense that it’ll always be changing (being updated and stuff like that).

What you can expect this month of August 2020:

  • First post providing background on my garden
  • First post providing background on my worm bins
  • Post sharing how things went in June & July
  • Post sharing the midway point (to now) in my vermicomposting adventure
  • Up-to-date post about my garden and what I have planned for the fall garden
  • Up-to-date post about my worm bins
  • Links to resources i use and follow including awesome YouTube channels

So stay tuned, like, follow, and please definitely comment. I do love to chat. 🙂


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