Grow Elpy Grow!

Although this page is very much a work in progress I wanted to give you a place to land and maybe bookmark. 🙂 (Grow Elpy Grow is my new title, replacing The Life Inside My Garden.)

Please feel free to share if you’re gardening, what, how (containers, beds, fields?), in what zone, or just say hi.

I am transitioning my blog to a place for gardeners, readers, and writers. It is simply not enough for me to just write about reading or share my writing to read (yes I’m still working on my novel). I have once again found a home in gardening and I so badly want to share it, much as I do the things I’ve read. I used to share a variety of photos and I had a blast doing it. Then I thought maybe doing so in addition to my reading and writing was too much. Well guess what, I just have to share more!

Gardening is fantastic. Truly I mean that with every ounce of me. This isn’t going to be a place of how-to content so much as how I do-did-done it. As I watch YouTube I recognize the internet as a place of community, a meeting place for like-minds. This is especially important in these times of Covid-19. We can’t meet like we once did, but we can still share.

If you want to look in on what another gardener (and reader) is doing, look no further. Here you’ll find stories about my 2020 and my 2021 garden as well as my ventures in vermiculture, worm-farming and composting with worms. I am SUPER DUPER excited for this year’s garden. I mean I am SO DAMN EXCITED! Mm hm, okay, composure restored, I can tell you I’m expanding my garden and the number of plants I plan to grow. It’s a bit intimidating, because a lot go wrong or not exactly the way I planned it. But hey, I won’t learn if I don’t try! Maybe along the way you’ll learn a thing or two, share some stuff, or teach me some things.

As I write this at the end of January this page is very, very blank. It’s okay you’ll just have to follow this blog and stay tuned. I’ll be putting together content from last year’s garden as well as what I’m doing to get this year’s garden going. And of course you can count on worm stuff because they are going all year strong in the basement!

Coming Attractions

  • Images of Worm Balls (that’s a pile of worms because they don’t have you know, those)
  • Lists of what I’m so far planning to grow
  • What seeds I’m starting indoors, how and why
  • Photos and lessons from last year’s garden

So stay tuned, like, follow, and please definitely comment. I do love to chat. 🙂

Black Lives Matter.

Stay safe and well!