Reviews for That Which Lives Within

Reviews for That Which Lives Within

A View From Within - Image taken by eLPy from inside the flower of a Crown Imperial Fritillaria in her garden in late spring/early summer.

A View From Within – Image taken by eLPy from inside the flower of a Crown Imperial Fritillaria in her garden in late spring/early summer.

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Henry Martin’s Review on Goodreads:
eLPy’s That Which Lives Within is not a pure poetry book in the sense that poetry books should have nothing but poems. It is, nevertheless, a book of poetry. Actually, it is the work of an artist who uses words to paint images.

eLPy opens her debut with a very moving, personal piece that leaves no doubt about her passion for words. In the first poem, her words paint a painful state of mind, and the theme of loss and suffering is prevalent throughout the rest of the collection. Yet, the loss does not overwhelm her vision, and the reader is afforded glimpses of hope, strength, beauty . . .

The poems in this collection do not follow any particular style or rule, other than expressing the poet’s emotions. Thus, punctuation is sparse and formal style virtually nonexistent. I would not venture as far as to describe this collection as truly avant-garde, but do not expect perfectly aligned stanzas, formal capitalization, or a recognizable style. 

Imagine walking on a wooded path and coming across a river you did not expect. Its current mesmerizes you and your eyes follow the flow as far as your sight allows you to. And while the river has no visible beginning or end, you are there, in a moment in time, sensing every ripple that rushes past you, wondering about every branch, leaf, and log the river carries along. 

eLPy’s poetry is like that. At times wonderful, at times soothing, only to throw something unexpected your way just as you are beginning to think that you know what is about to come next. 

Poetry is, perhaps, the most subjective written word form. It allows us to glimpse a fraction of the poet’s soul without muddying the waters with neither past nor future. It is concrete, yet open to interpretation. And while, overall, this collection was rather enjoyable, I could not relate to all of the poems. [Which is to be expected]. 

As far as rating this book, I’ve been torn between three and four stars. Because of the variety in themes and approaches, there were times when I felt the collection was disjointed. The poepics, for example, while clever, were a distraction to me, and would, in my opinion, be better suited as their own collection. Nevertheless, the overall experience was a positive one. 

Towards the end, there were a few instances of formatting issues, which I addressed with the author in private. These were purely technical issues, and as such, they do not change the meaning of any of the poems. 

In the end, I have decided on 3.5 stars. 

I’m looking forward to eLPy’s future books. 
 A Book of Poems,December 9, 2013

This review is for: That Which Lives Within (Kindle Edition)

4 1/2 Stars
I am not one for poetry, mostly because I don’t understand it, but I did very much enjoy quite a few of the poems in this book: Reflections Like Echoes, Can You See Through Trees? Magic, Thunderous Nights Within and Beyond the Grave, were some of my favorites.
Talented author, Good book of poems to read yourself and share with others.

4.0 out of 5 stars December 5, 2013
By Melody    (Goodreads Reviews)
This was my first time reading a poetry book.  This book is very unique and I’m glad I received this book to review.  It has poems as well as poepics (poems with pictures) that I really like a lot.  The pictures are gorgeous and beautiful and I enjoyed reading all the poems very much.  The poems were beautifully written.  Some poems are emotional while some are inspirational for me.  These are some of my favorites: Pieces, Magic, The Gem That Was Will Always Be, To Be Wise, Disguised By Blue Sky, and Once Raveled.  I loved them and I will definitely reread it once again in the near future.  I will recommend this to any one who likes poetry or to who want to try poetry.  It’s worth your time because you will get a lot out of this books.
5.0 out of 5 stars Daring and Vulnerable!, October 30, 2013
By Kate
This review is from: That Which Lives Within (Kindle Edition)

eLPy’s “That Which Lives Within” is a daring full-length poetry collection, which contains verse and free-verse poems, prose poetry and art.


eLPy uses powerful and beautiful images to address a variety of themes including death, loss, slavery, hope, and identity.
“We are but pieces
Of our past
And unpredictable futures.”
“Drawn by artists unknown
The source of a saint’s colors”
eLPy’s poems come from a place full of strong emotions. The language that she uses conveys the rawness of her experiences. Some poems are full of angst while others display a quiet timidity, revealing her vulnerability.
“With all this rubble
This work to be done
Comes fear like disease.
Panic rivals health”
I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in experiencing a journey of self-discovery.
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read., September 7, 2013
By Tali
This review is from: That Which Lives Within (Kindle Edition)

That Which Lives Within is a full-length poetry collection by first time author eLPY that it is beautifully written. The 189 page collection features not only poetry, but also poepics, and poetry-infused pictures.

Throughout, the author’s myriad of experiences and emotions are displayed in every poem. The topics of death and loss are touched upon in the poems such as Beyond the Grave, and the poem Left With Memories which is dedicated to her brother who passed away. There are poems about life and love which are just as raw and filled with emotion.
The author’s hopes and dreams as well as fears, frustrations, and self-doubt are also poetically expressed. In the poem “Here’s To My Blossom” at the beginning of the book, eLPY questions her ability to share her writing with others and as the book progresses she grows ever more confident. She also expresses her journey of finding herself, being confident in who she is. It’s a journey of growth that includes joy and despair.
The poepics and infused pictures of poetry are beautiful visuals. It was a little hard to read the font on a few of the pictures because of the color scheme. I thought it was a cool and unique idea to have mixed media and variations of writing within this book. In poems such as “History Rewritten” and “Hypocrisy”, eLPY offers social commentary in her poems on issues such as the genocide in Dafur, the Jena 6, slavery, the exotic pet trade and the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.
The book tells the story of metamorphosis. It’s about going on a journey and growing and not running away from the storms of life. It’s learning from the past and looking forward to what the future will bring. Everyone can relate and can take something valuable and essential from this collection.

5.0 out of 5 stars An awesome read, August 22, 2013
This review is from: That Which Lives Within (Kindle Edition)

I love poetry and this is definitely poetry that any verse-aholic will love.
This anthology is well-written and the depth of the message behind the poetry will captivate you. eLPy’s observations and comments on the state of our world and life in general ring true. You will read about her thoughts on love, the environment, human interaction… All those things which you hope people are aware of and that more people acted upon. I especially enjoyed the following works – Pieces, Gardens, I Forget, Stealing The Way, Reflection, Hypocrisy, Snake Charmer, Where Across The Sunlight Are You?, To Become A Constellation, The Gem that was will always be, a start, ZAP!!, Let Inspiration Live…, and Every Forest.


I think this work needs exposure. There are so many great modern poets out there to be read! ELPy is one of them.
The format of the book came as a surprise. The way the poems are written varies and there are images here and there. The author has included something she calls “poepics” which are poems within an image. These were also well-done although I believe mobile devices make some of the words difficult to read. The type of poems also varies – from short to long, free-verse to rhyme.
I also appreciated the notes at the end wherein the author explains some of her references. Some of the news was unknown to me and made me think. It gives a poem more meaning when you know what inspired it.
I am a supporter of mixed media and variations of writing within a book and this book has also handed me some pointers regarding my own work. It is an inspiring read.


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