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Today after finishing “The Five Times I Met Myself” by James L. Rubart, writing a quick review on Goodreads, sharing it on Facebook, and entering this book into the appropriate Goodreads reading challenges, I come here to write something for a post today. What hits me is that perhaps I should have a page designated for All Things Bookish. I know I wrote a post about a Bookish world but I think I should categorize things a little more and put such posts and other things under this new page. And look, here we are! So this page is where you’re going to find the things I post about other people’s books, reviews, recommendations, my TBR will be a sub-page here, so will Authors to Check Out. My posts will still appear on my front page bookish or otherwise.

So this would be a good place to put your own bookish thoughts, I mean you can comment on any of the pages but ya know here’ a little more direction. For now this is basically the front page cover to all the sub-pages. It’ll also be where I announce things like hey here’s what I’m currently reading or what I plan to read next if you want to read along with me. Maybe in the future this is where I’ll link author interviews and links to interesting bookish articles. Stuff like that. So follow the links below to get to the more specific topics. And go ahead, comment, unless you’re spam you’ll get marked as such. Or if you’re mean well…come on. 😉


  • The Tropic of Serpents
  • Call Down the Hawk


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