My Bookish (& then some) Summary


My Bookish Summary (used to be All Things Bookish) is just that, a quick summary of my reading ventures, including books read, reading ambitions, reading/writing podcasts, and Book Tubers. For YouTube content about gardening and vermicomposting/farming see YouTube Gardening.

This summary page is kind of a table of contents to my reading habits and activities. My Bookish Summary will show you where to go to follow along with my reading year. How many more ways shall I say it? 😉 Please don’t hesitate to comment and share. I love to talk books!

So far in 2021 I’ve been pretty absent here (in case you haven’t noticed). I’ve also been absent in reading/listening, unfortunately. However I’ve been reading/listening to more in the last couple of months. Most of my currently reading list is stuff I never finished last year, which I hope to “update” very soon.

I’m anticipating a lot of changes to my overall site (again Elpy? Yes yes…) but I’ll still post about what I’m reading and thoughts on the like when I have them.


  • Kind of Coping: An Illustrated Look at Life with Anxiety by Maureen Marzi Wilson (hardcover)
  • In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer by Bonnie Greer (audio book)
  • The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez (ebook)
  • Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer, #2) by Laini Taylor (audio book)


What I’ve Read/Listened to So Far in 2021