W101 – Short Story: A Letter

W101 – Short Story: A Letter

Day 5: Be Brief

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.


**The following is the second part of an ongoing story started several months ago from a Friday Fictioneer’s prompt. Click here to read the first part.

Her sister told her about the place, said it would help her feel more relaxed. She said it would take her mind off things. But the more she walked the more frustrated she became at the idea of getting lost. This so-called maze was not so close after all. Having refused to leave her cell phone back at her sister’s place – for the sake of safety she reasoned – she retrieved it from her pocket and pulled up GPS. There would be no coordinates for the maze but at least she could hope for some references to her position in the Candone Reserve.

Dead looking pine tree blue sky posterized

To her surprise however the location of the maze shown along with the boundaries of the park. From the looks of it she was right around the way. Though her interest in it had waned she didn’t see the harm in carrying on a bit further. And she was glad she did; the maze was something out of the society pages, something that belonged in a fancy garden not a park in the woods. Maybe her sister was right. As she approached she saw a small piece of paper just at the entrance. Then again, it turned out to be a folded piece of paper, a letter of sorts. What a find!


Before reading it she looked around like a child wondering if she should be reading this at all. As expected, there was no one.


Dear Family,


First of all, let me just say that I will be back, you can count on that. It’s just that I’ve been unable to cope with all of our losses. They have broken me down and destroyed any understanding I had of myself. It was never my intention to hurt you like I did but I was desperate and desperate people do stupid things. I feel riddled with holes, leaking out all that is or was good about me. If I could just turn a switch and accept what has happened I would, but until then I am useless. Please know that I am not abandoning you, I have found something that just might be the answer; I’ll try anything at this point, almost. I’m meeting someone today in the maze in the park. They’re going to help me, it’ll be like a transformation. I smile as I write this, you have to know that at this very idea I can breathe easier and feel hope again. Please trust me, this is for the best, as I am I will only continue to do more harm. I should be back in a week or two.





P.S. Please MAKE SURE EVERYONE reads this.


It was like reading a page out of your diary you didn’t know existed. Why was this here? Where had she gone? The last time it had rained was eight days ago but the letter appeared no worse for the wear. Then it occurred to her, she’d seen a report just last week about a woman who had gone missing. Her family believed her to be mentally unstable following the death of her husband and the subsequent battle over his estate – he’d not left a will – with his ex-mistress and their love child. Neither of whom she knew existed. It was a headline straight out of a TV drama. After a couple of days the police called off the search as they believed the woman had run away of her own volition. What was her name?


She thought about her own recent trials: going bankrupt after closing a couple of once profitable businesses and breaking up with her fiance because…why? Everything was pathetic. A pathetic response to a man who had been so strong and loyal through everything.


She had to get this back to Jenny’s family. But where was she? Having promised her sister she’d walk through the maze just once at least she entered it. About two feet in there was a pair of women’s sunglasses.



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  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great read!

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Thanks! Me thinks this will be an ongoing series for at least a bit here. 😉

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