W101 – Rainy Days

W101 – Rainy Days

Day 7: Give and Take


Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue.


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Rainy Days: A Rainy Day vs. A rainy day


Not everyone hates rainy days for the precipitation that falls to the ground and drowns out much possibility. There are quite a few of us who enjoy the solemn, the bliss, the simplicity and lack of control that a rainy day brings. I relish in rainy days. I watch the rain fall sometimes not seeing it until it hits the ground in little pings, this invisible wonder that is water falling from the sky. It is this wonder, this miracle that controls me and forces me to bend to its will; I must run to the car or embrace the drenching that I get, make sure all my car windows are closed and everything that can be ruined by moisture is not sitting outside getting rained on. I thank the heavens – quite literally – for doing work for me in the gardens, and on my back deck where my orchids sit in the summer. I am amazed by the rain and its example of how the world takes care of itself better than I think we often realize. Periods of drought are times of neglect, just as we may forget to water our own gardens or our souls, our love or our lust.  A rainy day is a beacon that we are no less a part of this world than everything else that gets rained on. It is a sign of inclusion. But even more so it is a peaceful quieting of the world around us. It is loud thunderous laughter at the tickle that is rain washing us of every day stresses. Rain is a sense of peace that the world will follow in green. And yet rain is also an omen, it is a threat of what may be to come. The contrast of peaceful rainy days is not just a thunderous threatening storm it is the rainy days that torment our souls, it is the rain that is emotion that floods our inner worlds.


A rainy day is one in which we stare at the sunshine, the laughter, the playing, the book open (or Kindle on) in front of us and regard the words with disdain. A rainy day is not a great day to cuddle up and read a book. Such is a day you long to leave your personal space and tuck into the noise and quiet of the outside world and yet your drenched appearance draws unwanted attention. You can only wish to hide away beneath the blankets, disappear behind the blinds and curtains  and ignore the world in your darkness. Emotions can be a poison not unlike acid rain, they can be a catalyst and overwhelm like storm clouds moving in that cause you to wonder what time of day is it really, afternoon or evening?



“What are you doing today?”


“Well not much now that it’s raining. I had planned to finish up my yard work, so much for that.” She releases the blinds and walks away from the window. “I kind of like it though, I mean it’s so calming to hear the rain falling outside. It’s like it quiets my soul.”


The woman on the other end of the phone steps back from her own window and drops the sash holding the curtains back. She separates herself from the world outside. “I feel like I’m looking in a mirror.”


“What? What do you mean?”


“Like the rain, that’s how I feel inside.”


“What’s wrong?”


“I’ve just got a lot on my mind. It’s like I’m a storm cloud that just needs to drop everything inside me, but I’m afraid to flood everyone else. I’m sorry, see I’m venting and you don’t need to hear this.”


“No sweetie, it’s okay. You need to get out whatever’s bothering you.”


“I’m so worried about Bill, it’s driving me insane. It’s like I’m filled with all this anger because of what’s happening but then I feel bad because I know anger won’t help anything. And I’m so anxious that it’s worse than I think it is, you know?”


“I think I do.” She sits back on her couch and closes the plant guides she’d picked up from the library. “Did he tell you what they said?”


“No, that’s just the thing. He tells me just enough to worry me but then refuses to tell me anything more. I feel so selfish and then I feel justified in my frustration. It’s overwhelming. My thoughts are thundering around in my head, it’s like I’m in a tornado and I can’t get out.”




A year later…


She woke late to the sound of rain outside. “So much for running.” She settles back in to bed and curls up behind her fiancé. His warmth is comforting and she feels like she’s melting into him. If someone came in the room now they wouldn’t know one from the other. “I love you.”


He laughs, but it’s soft, the sound of a man’s heart laughing.


“I’m still going to run today,” he follows up.


“You are?”


“Of course. It’s so freeing sometimes to run in the rain, it’s like the perfect mix of calming and cooling. Don’t you think it’s exhilarating?”


“Yeah, you’re right.” She sits up and rests against the headboard imagining two weeks prior when she was stuck in a downpour halfway through her run. “Once I got over the fact that it was raining, I actually loved the squish in my shoes. It’s really like a strange sensation, you know, you’re in water and air and moving all at the same time. I’m so glad you said that, running in the rain is really exciting!”


He laughed again but did not meet her upright position. “I didn’t say I wanted to get up though.”


She threw the pillow at him and jumped out of bed. Her phone was across the room on the dresser. “Let’s see how long it’s supposed to rain today.”


“All day.” She stuck her tongue out at him, always in-the-know that guy.


Seeing the forecast for herself she jumped back in bed and reformed herself to his body. He met his hand with hers around his stomach. “Today we will swim through the air.”




But six months prior, when all was dark and stormy in their world she was drowning in the possibility of never. She might never see him again. They might never share their stories of running.


“I hate the rain. I hate that it’s raining because if I go running now I’ll probably catch a cold, and you can’t risk getting sick right now.”


“Get over it, run tomorrow.”


“But I have to get rid of this energy! I’m so pent up and frustrated, I mean it’s like your mom doesn’t even care that I’m here and I can take care of you. She just has to have her hands in everything!”


“Get over it, she has to.”


“I’m so anxious I’m going to freak out -”


“Alright already, maybe today just isn’t your day to let it all out. It’s the world’s turn. Let it be, don’t let it bog you down.”


But he knew it was overwhelming to her just as it was for him.


“Truth is, I like the rain when it takes my mind off things, when I don’t feel like I should be doing something else.”


“I’d take a rainy day over all this internal rain any day…”



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  1. Laurence

    That’s pretty good. I like the reference to emotions and acid rain .

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Well thank you. It was a bit of a quick write but I am satisfied enough. Just like emotions, not all rain is good rain. 😉

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Rainy days and Sundays always get me down. ..

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Not sure if I succeeded in showing contrast for this assignment but in that I hoped to show that sometimes rainy days are magical. Meanwhile, “rainy days” doesn’t always refer to the weather…at least outside… So those rainy days I certainly don’t like… I know some part of you being a landscaper loves rainy days! 😉

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