Unlock the Mind

Unlock the Mind

For the first Writing 101 assignment we’ve been asked to unlock the mind and with a 20-minute free write. That means no thinking ahead of time what I’m going to write about. Just get’er done. I desperately wanted to think of what to write then write freely, but no I won’t break the rules. The following is my 20 minute free write for Day 1:


Peeps posture gradient

The pink sugar on my tongue has become something bitter, no longer the blissful sweet I experienced devouring four sparkly pink Peeps (a gift from my mom for Easter). Drink of water just makes the bitterness stronger. I grab the nearby paper towel to wipe my mouth only to throw the crumbs of fallen sugar from my bunny victims all over me. I hate crumbs all over me. Things sure do change, especially the consistency of marshmallow Peeps once you open the package. That’s why so many of them must be eaten at once, nothing is the same after you open that package. They’re so soft and fresh at first slowly getting harder, firmer, and un-deliciously stale, yes ‘un’.


I’m thinking as I write this ‘free write’ for the first Blogging U. Writing 101 assignment that life is a lot like Peeps. Not in that life gets stale as we age but it certainly gets harder and the flavor of everything changes even as our desire remains strong. We bite off little bits – days, chores, tasks, challenges – changing the shape of what once was only to find our paper towel empty, forcing us to do something else (like write). Like quench thirst and then write but Peeps can only sustain us so far and we have to take care of our other needs.


It’s not always easy to shift focus, like going on a diet. I gotta go on a diet, shift my focus to taking better care of myself instead of comforting my desires and getting what I want. Shift my focus from complacency to discipline. Running. Biking. Jumping Jacks, Lions, Tigers and Miles oh my! Oh I know I can do it, just so happens I also know it’s hard, like old Peeps. I’ve learned so much over the last five years even as I’ve fallen on my face a whole, whole bunch (honestly more than I’d like to admit). One of these things is something I’ve mentioned before, not to rely on the ‘sugary’ moments, the highs, the tasty freshness of a new idea, possibility or dream. Peeps cannot sustain us. We have to keep going after that bitter taste ravages our mouth.


This year is a year to push through the bitterness, push through the insecurities, the fears, the anxieties, the doubts and the worries. It requires that I make sure I brush my teeth soon after eating those delicious little wabbits, exercise discipline in light of the bitterness. Believe 100% in my writing and photography and devote the necessary time to caring for my garden of ideas – I won’t get into my other project ideas ;).


When I open a package of Peeps I’m committing to eating at least two (have to enjoy them fresh remember), probably three, maybe four. And I follow through. So Easter in addition to the miracle that it represents reminds me of renewal, commitment, and follow through. That is, I have to renew my commitment to follow through. Heck if Jesus can achieve as he did, what’s the least we can do, really?





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  5. Laurence

    Yup that is a good impromtu write. I like the thoughts it provokes. As one gets older it can be harder but easier as well….hmmmmm.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Thank you! Glad it got you thinking. 🙂 I’m seeing myself that there’s so much to clog the thinking pipes as we age it’s not always easy to clear the waters and focus.

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  10. 15yearsandcountingdream

    I really liked your free-fer-all writing. When I need to brainstorm, I freeze up. You did a good job. Peeps, huh, who would’a thought?

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Peeps! I know I hadn’t seen that coming either. I was trying to intellectualize it too much at first and then, well, there they were and the thoughts just happened… 😉

      Thank you. I sure do understand freezing up, especially once this course got started.

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  12. ChristineR

    Amazing how the thoughts find a path to the pen when you free write. It’s so hard not to edit when you know other people are going to read your words.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Very true. Sometimes the words, thoughts, and ideas are their own thing and make themselves happen. When that happens it’s really quite magical, I think it’s often exhilarating! I can free write all day when I know I have no plans to share it, or at least not any time soon. 😉

      Thanks for another comment and visit.

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