One Four Challenge – Wk 3 Mar 2015

One Four Challenge – Wk 3 Mar 2015


Very late in getting this edit out but hey here it is! 🙂 When I first picked this image I really thought it was the way to go. Well folks creative work never fails to surprise, impress, and at times frustrate. I think part of my struggles with what to do with my image of Dtps. Joy Sara Lady ‘Nancy’ come from the fact that I like the image as it was. Looking back I picked the image because I liked it more than I picked it because it was a good candidate for editing. That said I have learned and discovered new techniques and looks, but we’ll save the reflecting for next month which Robyn at Captivate Me – the founder of this challenge – has declared Review Month.


This week I was pretty stumped. Playing around with the original I found that I liked the tropical postcard like effect I achieved starting with the Basic Lithography5 1.01 effect by Trulyscene Artfx 1. Next I added a gradient and lowered the opacity. Finally I increased the vibrance and did a little crop. Now all it needs is some text like “Aloha from Hawaii” or what have you! After all most orchids are tropical.


Edit 3 - Dtps. Joy Sara Lady 'Nancy'

Edit 3 – Dtps. Joy Sara Lady ‘Nancy’



  1. Ilex

    Love this edit. The colors are the best. Another fav combo I like to do in the garden. Great glowing aura, also!!

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Ooo that would be nice to see in a garden for sure. Thank you!! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it.


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