My Writing Life: 35,929+ words in

My Writing Life: 35,929+ words in


Now I’m sure there’s plenty of “My Writing Life” posts and blogs out there, but who can blame us really. Sometimes you really need a release from your writing life and what better way to get it then to, well, write about it. I find writing about writing to be a relief because the words often flow a lot better say for this post versus the novel I’ve been working on for only an hour today. Yes, I mean only, ONLY. This post is going to serve the purpose of flushing out my mind. Just let my little fingers click-clack away ever so freely…


But seriously folks today’s minimum is 3,000 words. No problem. I can bust out about 1,600 in an hour if not more depending on how things are going. Where I’m struggling is with the story itself. I have no problem coming up with ideas and concepts for stories but fleshing them out on the page is something else entirely. So much so that I’ve been bordering on the decision to shelf this current novel idea and work on something else. While I’m not super in terms of follow through I am not so quick to quit. So no matter who tells me that maybe I should shelf it I’m not quitting until I’ve given it my best.


At the end of the day one thing I’ve learned about being a writer is that it’s certainly not a cake walk. It’s frustrating and it can get messy. Pages, binders, notebooks, computers, gadgets, pens, decisions, ideas, doubt, conflict, emotion, tension, critiques, love, and belief. Oh and there’s more. If you think about what it takes for a “story” to happen in your day-to-day life then it all makes sense. That time your dog really did eat your homework because your brother forgot to watch the dog like he promised, and your sister moved your backpack from the hook to the floor when she got her coat from under it and forgot to put your bag back. Then the dog tore through your bag and your mom was mad because dad didn’t get your other sister from practice and when she came home to the mess she didn’t realize what it was and just threw away what was left, the parts the dog didn’t eat. But last week you lied to her about your homework, so this week no one’s inclined to believe you. A lot has to happen for that story to come into existence.


In an attempt to get a handle on my work and make it more of a reality and really flesh it out I went ahead on the 7th of this month and started my own NaNoWriMo (because I missed the real thing in November). Thirty days to write 50,000 words. For some it’s 30 days to write a novel, for me I know my novel won’t be done in 50,000 words but the goal for me is to have a sure grip in 30 days & 50,000 words, I mean that just makes sense right? Then I bumped it up last week to 60,000. No problem… *squirm*… even if I am behind…


Once I got out of the loop of writing 1,700+ words/ day I went in search of a NaNoWriMo app. Within seconds I found “Writeometer”, read some reviews (mostly positive) and downloaded that sucker! This is a great app so far. It allows me to add numerous projects (I’ve only got the one on there right now) and their goals in number of words, or characters. I will say i wish I could customize my goals a bit more, but I’m still figuring it out. I can set up timers and reminders for any time and every day of the week. The initial timer is set for 25 minutes because supposedly this is the optimal time for creativity but honestly once I get going I want at least an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take 25 if that’s all I’ve got time for but at this point 60 minutes is my minimum. You start the timer, get to writing, and when it’s done you can have it chime or vibrate or both. Then you enter the number of words you typed in that time and you can enter some thoughts about how writing went for you today. After you save this information it shows you a nice little progress bar. As I write this here I’ve not yet written anything (for my novel) for the day and am 35,929 words into my 60,000 with…8 days left until the finish line.


With that said and shared, I’m going to start my timer for 60 minutes. By the end of that time I’ll be halfway done with today’s word goal. Eight days from now will I have crossed the finish line? Will my story be more of a story? Where will this project be at the beginning of 2015?


P.S. Today I have solidified, in my mind at least, that sometimes it is much easier to use my imagination then to pull it out. Make sense? 😉


Cheers everybody, and if I don’t post again before tomorrow night (New Year’s Eve)

Happy New Year!!!

May you be safe and well. May this new year bring about great joy, plenty of accomplishments, good health to you and your loved ones (and friends), changes for the better, lots of creativity, inspiration, and of course the best you you can be. 😀


  1. ChristineR

    The 25 minutes is to overcome the pain barrier – the brain says it doesn’t want to do this task and releases the same chemicals as it would for any nasty chore. But always, once you begin, the chemicals fade away, the ‘pain’ goes, and you can get on with it. 🙂 I got myself a timer just before Christmas. 🙂

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      I’ve really been enjoying this “Writeometer” app. Ya know that makes sense with just about every chore I can think of. However oddly and beautifully enough when it comes to writing if I’ve got an hour of time and am willing to write at all then I need that whole hour. Twenty-five minutes sometimes gives me anxiety because I feel like I need to hurry up more!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing! Interesting thoughts. 🙂

  2. Laurence

    Awesome to be part of the flush, thankyou!!
    I’m digging the thought of the finished novel; of course you should complete it!!
    A good New Year to you as well!!

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Thank you very much. Writing is not always an easy thing so sometimes it’s really just about getting my butt in the chair and seeing where it goes from there. I certainly plan to complete it though I have no timeline for completion at this point.

      Thanks for your visit. 🙂


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