Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge #23

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge #23

Cee's Which Way Foto Challenge


Of course here’s another of Cee’s Photo Challenges, not one I’ve yet entered but am excited nonetheless.


I’m happy to present a look back on a walk forward with my companion pup. There have been a lot of times walks with my dog have moved me creatively, she’s a good companion what can I say? It’s nice when you have a picture that you know you want but don’t exactly know how you’ll make it happen in the way that you think it needs to happen. That’s something i really like about Photography and all its possibilities. Sometimes a photo is perfect by itself, the image just needs to be recorded and shared. But then there are those images, or bits and colors, that you see and say, ya know what I want to do something with that. It’s like being a painter and walking along finding colors and picking them up.


So here’s to finding your elements and what to do with them, and heck getting better at making those decisions too.


A Walk in the snow with my friend


If only but once

– eLPy


Should our paths not cross soon enough,

May we venture through the blues and lights

of life in our dreams.

May we reflect on the prints as an artist

on their work.

May we take new steps as an artist

of the medium of life.


Should our paths not cross soon enough

I’ll be grateful for their ever being so close.

For yours near mine, mine brushing edges with yours.

For the motivation that kept us going,

for the art that keeps us moving;

those things they call breath and heartbeats

and the kindness we call companionship.


Should our paths not cross again

what a miracle they crossed

even but once.

What a miracle

we made that story.


  1. Laurence

    Wow! Nice poem;itcreates much thought! I’m digging the picture as well.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Thank you!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Loved this! the photo is a great one also. =-)
    I think I may have somehow got unsubscribed =( I’ve not seen these last few. Making sure I’m signed back up!!

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Hmm, that’s not cool! Hopefully it’s not something I did on my end! But glad you’re back.

      Thank you very much!! I had fun putting it together.


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