Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 39

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 39

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My computer’s a little bit happier than it was after I did some backing up and deleting (ah, very nerve-wracking because I never truly believe everything’s going to be “safe”. But now I can get back to my pics and their editing. So here’s my first photo challenge in a bit, and I’m sneaking in before the bell since this challenge renews every Sunday.


My U2 (a.k.a. Umbrella Cockatoo) loves showers and I wanted to show you just how much. He was a little unsure at first being photographed in such a vulnerable moment but he’s comfortable with his body so he got over it. He’s anxious now to add these pics to his modeling portfolio.


OMG! No pictures I'm in the shower!

OMG! No pictures I’m in the shower!

Do I look good at least?

Do I look good at least?

I love this, no seriously it's so relaxing.

I love this, no seriously it’s so relaxing.

Ahh, I love it. This is great. I'm beautiful.

Ahh, I love it. This is great. I’m beautiful.


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    OMG that is hilarious!
    He is so beautiful. Er, I mean handsome.
    I’ve never had a bird. My neighbors in Florida had a few and when I visited, the blue macaw would go crazy. Seems birds like the color red (got no facts to base this on) and back then my hair was RED. Seems I was his girlfriend. He would fly from his tree and land on my shoulder. He’d then cuddle my head and groom me. The hard part was getting him off of me. Even his owner of 11 years would get snapped at. I would have to fool him with food into his perch and make a hasty retreat. He even learned how to call me after learning his owners voice. He sounded just like her and I would answer. . But just got him calling my name. I knew it wasn’t my human friend when he didn’t know the answer to, “how are you?” And just repeated my name.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Ha! That’s too funny. Some birds, like people, are particular when it comes to what they do and don’t like. I knew a girl in college who had a Moluccan cockatoo (aka Salmon-crested; Solomon). She said he absolutely lost his mind when she painted the room he was in red. In that case it was because he was used to his surroundings and this change stressed him out. I really wish I knew what made some birds become obsessed over certain people, and hate others. My guy in the pic here is obsessed with my mom, he’ll do what the Macaw did to you except he may land with a bite and has delivered some rather painful ones to her. It sounds rather funny, cute even, that he bonded with you in that way. In the case of my mother again, it gets a bit out of control with him constantly trying to mate with her. If she passes by him say on my arm he will reach out to get her aggressively, it’s not pretty. You’d think if he wants her attention he’d know better than to bite and bite hard at that.

      From what I’ve seen it’s somewhat common for parrots to take to one person over another sometimes with disastrous results. There are many cases where the bird hates men, women or children, or where they’ll bond with one person and attack the other. Can you imagine that in a marriage? How sad because ultimately a lot of people then get rid of the bird because the anti-bond is so overwhelming.

      Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s quite interesting. Have you seen him without red hair, does he act the same? I could go on picking your brain about it… had they had him since he was young? Did they ever have red hair?

      😀 He is a funny bird though as you’ve read he can be unpredictable at times and that is not so funny. My Grey on the other hand does not like showers but he’ll bathe in his water dish with no problem (even though that’s not very effective).

  2. Laurence

    Wow that’s pretty cool he likes showers!
    Nice pics!!

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      He gets pretty excited about his showers that’s for sure. You should hear his “bird speak” about it. 😉


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