Review of Moon Pool by Christian Vassie

Now I know I fell off the face of the internet a bit – and for that I apologize – but I’m back and starting off with this new review of a book I just finished. I signed up for Story Cartel which offers some free books for a limited time in exchange for your honest review, and I do believe many (most?) are advanced reader copies (or ARCs). This is the first book I’ve read from this site but have several others in my queue. So here’s a short review of what I thought of this book one of this trilogy set in Europe.



Review of “Moon Pool” by Christian Vassie

4/5 stars

Moon Pool cover

**I received an advanced reader copy from Story Cartel in exchange for my unbiased review.**


Starting out I was pretty put off by the scenario involving the main character and her ride on the deer/stag, it felt very implausible. I still shake my head, lol. That said the author, in my opinion, recovered well and I was able to shake it off as a crime of opportunity for this author to move the story forward. Then again he does help us too by adding the detail that she took riding lessons. The structure of the book  was well put together though and I felt like the characters were pretty well-developed although – another reason for my not giving 5 stars – I wasn’t very sold on the fact that the main protagonist and narrator was only a 15-year-old girl, that didn’t really fit in my opinion. Her attitude did but not her responses to what was happening. I also would have liked to have known more about her character outside of this adventure. I got that she’s more of a tomboy suffering the loss of her father at an early age but still didn’t get to “bond” with her aside from her being narrator most of the time. But I did enjoy the bits of humor thrown in with her sometimes sassy little attitude.


Another reason for my not giving five stars is that there were a number of typos. While the story held its own and allowed me to see past these errors – they weren’t so atrocious, some being just repeat words – there were enough for me not to forget.  Oh and I don’t really like the title now that I’ve read the book, it’s not as relevant as I would have thought.


All in all though I give this book 4 out of 5 stars as I found it to be an interesting read, the plot turns and twists definitely kept me reading, wondering and asking questions, I wanted to know more. I thought the ending was really great, I was not disappointed even though I would have liked for the story to have included more of this ending then so much chase. Then again that’s what series are for, to make you made you have to wait, right? I’m going to be out looking for the second book in this trilogy after I’ve finished this review. It’s an excellent concept; if you’re at all interested in conservation, ocean conservation, ocean creatures, their intelligence and interactions with us I recommend you pick this book up. It is a worthy action adventure even with the bit of work it could use in terms of more character development and some more editing. It got my heart going at times, I was impressed with the thrill of it, always moving.


I definitely recommend this.

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