Cheers to the Blogging Life

Cheers to the Blogging Life!


Today I want to share a little about the blogging life, a nice addition to life as a writer.


As you may have already learned, I started this venture writing about my grandmother’s collection of books (well what was left of it), then I teetered for a moment in the life of my backyard and some gardening. Coming upon the publication of my first collection of poetry, That Which Lives Within (which just received a new review btw, click here to read), I believed it necessary to talk more about my writing and life as a writer. So I shared some things about my writing processes and my other grandmother, her writing, and what that means to me. I’ve shared some poems and lots of thoughts. Then 2014 brought me the notion of a Photography Project 365 and while I’ve fallen a bit short of getting pics up every day I’ve kept up half the time and produced/shared pictures I’m quite proud of. This new project has also given me a lot to look forward to and helped me set up more goals (including getting a telephoto lens, especially as the migration season is upon us) in terms of photography. It’s challenged me, but as I say this I feel like I’m neglecting my topic here: blogging. This alone has challenged me in all the right ways.


Yesterday and today especially have me thinking about what blogging has brought to my life. For starters, this blog has provided me with an excellent platform to share myself as a writer and thus bringing more exposure to my book (hopefully, ;-)). It has me reaching into my life and finding things that I think may be useful or interesting to share with people. Finding topics to write about isn’t always the easiest of jobs, this I think is evidenced by the number of websites that exist solely so people can gain access to free articles and material for their blogs. It’s no different than finding something interesting to capture for the day’s photo (actually I think it’s more of a challenge than this).


Blogging has also allowed me to explore my own interests in SO MANY ways. Brainstorming for ideas and topics to write about makes me think of how to display and inform upon what I’m interested in in ways that could intrigue other people. I think a lot of other bloggers will agree that it can be hard to get a handle on what you think you should and shouldn’t write about. Do I write only about a couple of things or is it okay to kind of be all over the place? You want to limit yourself, and yet you don’t. Once you decide you’re going to allow yourself to write about whatever floats your boat that day then you get to face the challenge and excitement of organizing and reorganizing it all to make sense (work in progress, all the time). I’ve been pushed to look at the writer I am from the outside as well as the inside. I’ve gotten to embrace what it means to have an author platform and I’ve gained a personal experience in terms of maintaining this presence for my audience, those who have found me and those who haven’t. I applaud all the artists – of every form and medium – out there for keeping up with this presence. It can’t be easy to blog with some regularity, reply to your followers and visitors when they comment, visit blogs you follow (thus returning the favor really), all at the same time maintain the craft that brought you the need to be seen and accessed on another forefront by your fans. It’s no easy job. I think I often underestimate how much I write for my blog, only ever counting the words I write for poems and stories instead. Gosh I’ve shared about my new hobby of Orchid collecting even (see some of my Orchid collection, Day 65, Day 66, Day 68 )!


Visiting other blogs, meeting other bloggers, and connecting with them on some level is another thing blogging has given me. I’ve definitely encountered some interesting people out there in cyberspace and through them I’ve seen and read some cool things. Take for example the journey I followed Emily Mitchell of Bella Remy Photography on as she traveled through the Galapagos Islands (Magnificent though I’ll refrain from going on about her bird photography!) or the informative posts of the Midwestern Plant Girl and her horticultural adventures. I’ve also enjoyed the beauty that is the native plants of Texas with Portraits of Wildflowers and been entertained by the creative photos  of sarah takes pictures as she conducts her own Project 365. I’ve learned bits of news I probably wouldn’t otherwise find and watched some funny videos, and read interested poems by and with Talisha Harrison. As of yesterday I started following Nancy Bevilaqua’s blog and I’ve been following along with Tamara Linse as she shares her life as a writer and self-published author. Should I add seeing some really cool photos in, on and around the Golden Gate Bridge with Ohm Sweet Ohm including inspirational quotes? I could go on, but I’ll stop here, you get the point (and should point and click some of these links ;-)). I’ve definitely enjoyed being inspired by the things they share and discovering new lands without ever having to get off my butt (until it gets sore or I really need something to eat, like now…). I also get a chance to be a blogger on the outside of blogging so I see what works and what doesn’t, what I really like and what I could learn and improve about my own blog.


What I’ve worked up to here repeats some of what I’ve already mentioned but is heavy-weighted inspiration for writing this post. With this blog I can share myself and my work, but I can also connect with others like myself and help provide support other authors, as with my poet/author interviews of Loretta Livingstone, Talisha Harrison & Nancy Bevilaqua. This website and blog is a portal into my world and others, it’s a chance to provide insight, support and camaraderie. A chance to be an author’s author and to engage with writing beyond my screen, beyond my pages, beyond my imagination and those of others. Conducting those interviews was a great experience for me and I will absolutely do more. (If you enjoyed them let me know.) I really liked getting to know those women better also. People are right when they say writing can be lonely but that loneliness is temporary and we have so much to teach and learn from each other.


So I just wanted to share some of these thoughts and experiences with you. And I want to thank you, my visitors and followers, for your support. Do share this site with others and don’t be afraid to talk to me more, I’ll respond! 😉 Let me know what works for you here and what doesn’t (I might take your advice, lol). Tell me about yourself. Are you a blogger, writer, spectator, photographer? I promise soon you’ll get to hear me read some of my poems, and I would share more but as you may have learned from Nancy Bevilaqua posting poems online qualifies them as being published in the eyes of most literary magazines who usually require your submissions to be “previously unpublished”. If you’ve wondered why I’ve not posted more poems here, well that’s why. of course too I want to entice you with some from my book until you must have a copy yourself!!! Which by the way, I’m going to go ahead and leave on sale until mid-May since I’m in such a great mood.


Thank you everyone and thank you WordPress!


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great read! I agree about many things you mention of what, why, when and how you blog

  2. Laurence

    The connectivity that blogging brings reminds me of the connection of all in the movie Avatar. I think it is one of the ways that will set us free! Thank you for that!!


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