A New Day – 36 – The Light Ahead

A New Day – 36 – The Light Ahead


As she walked along the path banks of snow walling her in she was warmed and intimidated by the bright light ahead of her. It was blinding, but it was a signal, a sign that spring is surely on the horizon. Bundled in scarf and coat, and gloves and boots the days of the sun seemed mythological. Everyone around her, everyone she knows longs for their return. And yet, looking around she almost feared it.


A winding path of pavers to their front door, long since covered by bricks of snow and ice, stuck out and appealed to her senses. Across the street, their front door enveloped by ornamental grasses and shrubs that surely impress in their own time reminded her of the long list of plans she has for her own yard. Oh the work that lay ahead almost makes the two, three feet of snow welcoming. The sun was like a spotlight during rehearsal. She went through all the steps and tasks that would be undertaken, that had to be done in the nearing future. She even fumbled over her feet in her dreams and mind. The patio must make the place look like a little backyard paradise, a place for entertaining. Take those extra pavers along the edge of the landscaping along the fence, stain the fence, finish staining the deck. One step, two step, left, right, hop once to the front then twice to the back. Will the Irises come back, or did the arctic vortex kill them once and for all? The double bench arbor will need to be built and put in place after the landscaping bricks are moved and built into the water feature; then surely it will need to be painted and treated to some degree. Never mind plantings, oh there will be plenty to plant.

The mighty star that lights the way.

The mighty star that lights the way.


Her heart skipped around in her chest like a frog trying to get out of a net. But for now, she’ll accept being buried under the piles of bitter cold days. She had much to prepare for, the show was on once the heat rolled in on its wave-like the tide. It was like a beacon guiding her way, the light of summer stardom. For now she’s almost joyfully content with the little impostors that are lampposts.Orange bulb post 2

Orange bulb post

Red bulb lamppost


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    This is exactly how I am feeling! I’ve got my new front yard bed all designed, but I will need to tear out the old… woooork.
    Am I looking forward to it or…
    Snow does make for a great cover up story. No one remembers how crappy my bed looks, as you can only see the one evergreen thru the snow….

  2. Bella Remy Photography

    Oh look at you with your light starts. How glorious are these? And I see you have plenty of snow too.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Ah thank you! I was quite pleased with finding the different bulbs their owners were using and the perfect positioning of the sun.

      Yes we have plenty of sun (had now), would you like some more? 😉


  3. Laurence

    Thanks for putting a different light on the subject….. or should I say lights!!


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