A New day – 34 – Patterns

A New Day – 34 – Patterns


When it comes to clothes, some of us like patterns, others not so much. I’m on the side of “it depends”.

Patterned behavior isn’t always a good thing, but it isn’t always bad either. Don’t you love the humorous antics of your best friend, partner, or family members? How they break out in song about any and everything whenever they’re in a good mood or how they fold their lips in and under themselves when concentrating? The way they say certain words, the fact that they are always the last to finish eating, how they start off their sentences the same way every time they’re about to tell you all about some grand idea. Patterns in people can serve as identifiers as well as be annoying.



Yellow Mum

…and then it even one-ups itself with patterns, more and more of the same thing…

Patterns of mums

And these are all pretty obvious beauties. But time and time again – and I will continue – I’ve tipped my hat to the ordinary, and that’s the beauty of art and artists. We have an eye for seeing the ordinary for more than that curse of a word. But what about the ordinary that’s not always so obvious? I’ve shown you mums, very common flowers that I think everyone has seen year after year, most especially in the fall. People plant them all over in large groups while it is already in their nature to “mound”. These mounds of flowers are always a spectacular sight, and it just so happens I saw these in Meijer shopping center.

Keep looking though because nature provides us with interesting patterns right next to us, like when we’re walking…

Bark patterns invert layers

Kind of looks like a topographical map doesn’t it? Nature doesn’t even need to try to be artistic. Maybe we could all learn from this, that being creative doesn’t require the greatest of efforts to just get started. So, get to work!

Bark patterns

Just look around…



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  1. Bella Remy Photography

    Wow, that first image is fantastic. How did you create the white background so well?

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      It’s actually the images canvas color. I selected the flower from the picture, removed it from the original, and pasted onto a new “canvas”. Fun stuff!



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