“The Source”: A New Project to screen/review self-published books

“The Source”: A New Project to screen/review self-published books


The Source, while not yet a website, is a new group on Goodreads that was created to help people find good self-published books. Now, I say good self-published books because like so many other things, the ease with which people can self-publish now means that there’s a lot of work out there that, let’s say, has jumped the gun. Some people are so excited it seems to see their work published and up for sale that they aren’t all putting the necessary effort and time into their project for it to look and read professionally. And, as it turns out, there are a lot of other people who purposefully do not read self-published books for this reason; they simply come off as being “cheaply made”.


So on Goodreads there have been a number of lengthy discussions pertaining to this topic. As a result a couple of people got together and decided to put together a group (and future site) that will screen suggested self-published titles (whether by the author or someone else) based on the cover, blurb, and sample, usually from the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. At this point anyone can join the group and volunteer to screen and/or review the listed titles. A book is moved on to the review phase once 5 people have screened and approved it.


This group is in its infancy so there may be some kinks to work out but ideally the end result of this will be a source that people can go to and find good quality self-published books that can be considered on par with traditionally published books in terms of structure and formatting, overall content, covers, and more. It will include all genres of books and be screened by numerous different people and then hopefully reviewed by a number of people as well.


Not every title suggested or pitched to the The Source will be approved (after at least 5 rejections during the screening phase the title will be removed from the list unless there are equally as many approvals) nonetheless this is an opportunity for writers to find more readers and for readers to find more great self-published books. Please visits the links to The Source if you are interested in learning more, suggesting your book or another self-pub title, volunteering to screen and/or review. Who knows you might find a book, thus author, that really speaks to you. You do have to be a member of Goodreads at this point to join this group, but it’s free and entertaining. Right now the screening list is made up of Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Mystery, Literary Fiction, and more. We’re always looking for more readers and there are no obligations to participate at any certain level, read when you can, how much you can, what you can, it’s that simple.


Cheers & thanks for reading! Are you a member of Goodreads or already participating in this group? Have you checked it out and have some thoughts you want to share?


What about self-published books, do you read them? Maybe you don’t? Or maybe it doesn’t matter to you one way or the other? What do you think about the boom in self-publishing?


  1. Laurence

    Very cool idea! I’m gonna check it out.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Cool cool! I know they’re looking for more readers/reviewers/screeners, even if not your cup of tea maybe you know other readers!



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