A New Day – 33 – Interview with Old Man Winter

A New Day – 33 – Interview with Old Man Winter


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Today we have a short interview with a very special however unfavorable guest: Old Man Winter.

I found the old man while walking my dog today in the bitter cold of the Midwest. He was tucked away and seriously camouflaged in the bark of what I believe is a Hop Hornbeam tree. I was so intrigued with the cracked layers and “warty” appearance of its bark that myself and my camera were drawn to it. To our surprise this was when we came face to face with Old Man Winter.

Hop Hornbeam bark zoom


Me: Mr. Winter –

Old Man: Call me Old Man

Me: Okay, Old Man, how do you feel about your latest turn of events the return of this bitter cold and negative temperatures?

Old Man: To tell you the truth, I’m damn proud, couldn’t be happier really.

Me: You don’t worry about what people are saying about you?  How they’re more than ready for you to leave and welcome Lady Spring?

Old Man: I don’t much give a hoot about gossip. Don’t really get how it’s fair that all you folks get to sit around bashing me when I’m just doing my job. Everybody saying this and that complaining and nagging like old women, oh it’s too cold, there’s too much snow…blah, blah. Can’t even give an old man credit for doing his work.

Me: Well Mr. Winter, I mean, Old Man with all due respect you’ve made things very difficult this year, for everyone. There’s more snow than we even know what to do with and I heard a statistic earlier on during the Polar/Arctic Vortex that the time to frostbite from exposure was 30 minutes. What do you have to say for that?

Old Man: What do you think I have to say? I did a damn good job, so good in fact that gave me awards for all the records I broke, hell they just put a crown on me calling it Polar & Arctic Vortex what have you. It ain’t even my work if you want the truth, the Arctic and Polar Ice Caps and what-not. It’s the big boss don’t cha know, my element and all but I’m proud ya know, I’m damn proud. How can you blame me for doing my job better than anybody?

Me: Well, last year Old Man I remember people were praising you to the high heavens, you broke records then too with your mild temperatures, and you made people happy. Does that not sit better with you?

Old Man: Now come on young lady, if I told you you did a mild job with this interview, how’d you feel? E’er body telling you your work is mild and all. I doubt that. Twenty years from now you’re going to want people to remember you for being strong and if they do you’ll look back and be proud. And for the last time, that’s what I am, damn proud about this winter.

Me: Okay, fair enough, I’ll give you that. So how much longer do you think you’ll be around and working?

Old Man: [Laughs] Wouldn’t you like to know sweetheart! I guess the world will just have to wait and see!


And there you have it folks, straight from Old Man Winter himself. He’s more than proud of this winter and wishes we’d all just give him credit for doing good work. Unfortunately he wouldn’t give us any time he plans to make his exit so keep your layers on and stay warm, Lady Spring’s shift is coming soon. He did allow us to share a few pictures with you though. Enjoy and please share your comments on what he had to say below.Old man winter bark layered

Old man winter bark


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great interview! I think Mr. Winter… I mean Old Man has got it right. If he didn’t do his job well, he’d be called a sissy. And if he hangs out just a bit longer, and it’s a slow warming process, all the snow will melt and fill our aquifers. If he just let’s Lady Spring in right away, flooding will be our next topic, followed by drought talk when Kid Summer bounces in.
    It will be an interesting season for us caretakers of nature. .. The frost line is 2 feet lower than normal here… So fence footings etc might get the heave ho. However, the upside will be many bad tree boring insects and grub types (Japanese beetles) can’t survive his cold conditions. This means more happy plants, which makes me happy.

  2. Bella Remy Photography

    What a wonderful discovery and interview. You are such an amazing and creative writer.

    1. eLPy13 (Post author)

      Well thank you, you’re too kind!!



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