A New Day – 15 – What plant is this?

A New Day – 15 – What plant is this?


Hello peoples! I’ve been a bit absent lately but here I am again. I’ve got some pictures I actually took the other night but didn’t get them up so I’m going to go ahead and post them as my 365 entry for today.


These pictures were taken with my 100mm macro lens of a tropical houseplant I have that I must admit I can’t identify. I did in fact try to but that actually contributed to my not posting an entry sooner! I believe it to be a member of the Lily family, then I thought it was an Anthurium but now I don’t believe the latter to be true. My search wasn’t exhaustive, I simply had to move on with my day. I will continue to search but I’m going to go ahead and share the pics. If you happen to know what this plant is please do let me know.


When my little brother died dozens of people sent plants and flowers of all kinds. The room at the funeral home was filled with life, from tropical plants & flowers to friends & family to overflowing love and memories of him. I chose a couple of the Orchids to bring home in addition to this mystery plant. It stuck out to me with its glossy, vibrant green leaves whose main veins and edges were pink – some darker, some lighter. My brother had a shirt that reminded me exactly of this plant, but mostly it reminded me of my brother’s character. What a vibrant green, what a vibrant boy and man he had been and those exotic hints of pink, reddish-pink, especially along the point that came together like an arrow. If I can read in to this further I’d say my brother was like an arrow, flying and sailing forward, a target in sight always. And Jake, Jake was quirky, he was seriously a character! I think he’d make a great cartoon. And well with those thoughts in mind I say again, this plant just reminded me of Jake. He’s a handsome guy with some extra flair around the edges!     CHEERS BRO!!!


What am I?

What am I?

Jake would have loved all this Polar/Arctic Vortex drama! Can't you tell?

Jake would have loved all this Polar/Arctic Vortex drama! Can’t you tell?

J chilling in pool/bowling hall

macro leaf close-up on center vein

Unknown tropical house plant macro2

Unknown tropical house plant macro

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