To Do Or Not To Do

Every day we, at some point, debate what to do, or not to do, what we can, what we must, and/or what we want. And yesterday, the 2nd day of January 2014, I acted on what I could do. Then today I was encouraged and inspired to write about this after finding and reading some of the blog Writing Through the Fog by Cheri Lucas Rowlands. She shared a lot of what many writers, and I see bloggers, experience when it comes to writing and of all things sharing. Sometimes we doubt ourselves or what we want to say, we question what we should share and include. Life on a blog is no different. You want to write something that other people will want to read, something they’ll relate to and share and come back to and be inspired by. What will help your readers know you better without giving too much away? Do you write about one topic (like writing) or do you write about various things you’re working on that you think might be of interest to others (like gardening/landscaping projects or figuring out what to do with 1800+ books)?


But writing isn’t the only thing we question and mull over in our lives. We think of new things to do, or old things to reignite and then we think about whether or not we should go ahead with this. Sometimes these are projects/ideas pertaining to ourselves but a lot of the time they include or are based around someone else. And in the latter case there’s a great deal more that we have to consider, especially just having come out of the “giving season”.


Preparing for Christmas we’re thinking about finding gifts that the people we care about  will enjoy and appreciate; we want to see them smile. We want to impress! At the same time we don’t want to go overboard, over do it. We want to get little ones in our lives big things but we don’t want them to stay focused on all that they can have and stop focusing on what they do have, even if we think they’re the easiest to buy for (Toys-R-Us anyone?). We want to help those who are less fortunate but we also want to spend time with those we love and cherish. We have to balance shopping for presents with shopping for groceries and paying bills. We get stressed out as we try to make things merry.


But these quandaries don’t stop or start for that matter with Christmas (or writing). Our parents – and ourselves – have to balance when to help and when to let our kids learn things on their (our) own. The same goes for our friends, family and loved ones. Perhaps this year you aim to be more helpful, more kind, more generous, more productive in everything including giving back. Well, right now in the Midwest it’s very cold, it’s very snowy, and it’s pretty limiting at times. You can’t drive whenever, wherever, however without sometimes taking a serious risk and when your dog starts picking her feet up and walking on three legs you know it’s time to turn around and hope she’ll want to wear those booties you’re definitely going to buy her. To do or not to do is an excellent question when it’s below freezing (or nearly) and the snow is more abundant than your goosebumps. Regardless, sometimes it is the things that limit us that drive us to do.  


My boyfriend doesn’t know it yet, he will soon find out, but last night I shoveled his entire driveway, it’s a rather large driveway really. Why? Because I could and I wanted to; I wanted to do something nice for him without being asked. I’m a little strange when it comes to shoveling snow, sometimes it just sounds like a great idea, maybe even fun…? And once I got going well I didn’t see any reason to stop; I was dressed warm and working up a sweat. Besides my cold tolerance is higher than his. 😉 I can’t wait for his reaction, I laugh just thinking about how crazy he’ll say I am. I’m so happy and grateful that I even have the physical capacity to have achieved that. I know that while shoveling is not high on his list of priorities (it’s pretty lllooooonnnnnnggggg) having his driveway shoveled without him having to take the time or energy to do it will make getting around for him easier and it will be one last thing he has to worry about (and less time he has to spend in the cold).


Do you know what I thought about – besides his surprised face and how much I was overheating and had to take my hat off, seriously – while I was shoveling? I thought about writing about cool things a woman could do for her man, yeah I think shoveling is one of these things. (Maybe I’m weird, maybe some guys will disagree.) What made me think this? How do you feel when your guy cooks for you or picks up food if you’re the one who always does those things? You feel like awww, you’re sweet. So how cute if he normally shovels and does “manly things” but instead you get your sweet a** self out there and accomplish this with fury. Why not? To do or not to do right? Make this a can do year.


Shoveling, shoveling, merrily merrily shov-el-ing along…I’m not really one to give advice on relationships, nor is that the purpose of my blog…wouldn’t that be too random?


Well guess what nagging little voice inside my head, shoveling the entire driveway in 7 degree weather was random but awesome because of what help it did provide. And, circling back around rounding up the various topics in this post, sometimes we have to step outside the ordinary and do what we can to move life along for ourselves and for each other. So the blogger I mentioned in the beginning, she reminded me of this and inspired me to not limit myself, my writing or my blog. I want my readers to know me a bit better? Well here you go. I want to tell a cute, interesting story that may help and inspire? Well here you go. Why hold back a post, a topic that might get people thinking more and more creatively about how to help each other. So ladies, and guys, what thing can you think of to do (without causing any trouble!) that might make things a little easier for him/her that also has your signature on it, in other words something that tells that person you care about a little more about you and what you think and feel about them at the same time that you’re doing them a favor. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – like I said, shoveling is not a big deal for him, he’s not about to get stuck, he’d probably get it done a lot faster than me actually – but put your own twist on it, be creative, make it you. How can you surprise, inspire, impress and encourage with what you do? But especially, what can you do to add another smile to the world? Sure I’ve shoveled before and a lot of women do, but I shoveled the entire turnaround driveway as a surprise, kinda a strange perhaps.


Then take it from there, what unique part of you do you have to offer? To Do, or Not To Do, what kind of year will this be for you?


Have a good day,



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