Writing in General

Unlock the Mind


Unlock the Mind For the first Writing 101 assignment we’ve been asked to unlock the mind and with a 20-minute free write. That means no thinking ahead of time what I’m going to write about. Just get’er done. I desperately wanted…
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Cheers to the Blogging Life

Check it out! These are the covers to my book, created by me, that you can soon pick up!

Cheers to the Blogging Life!   Today I want to share a little about the blogging life, a nice addition to life as a writer.   As you may have already learned, I started this venture writing about my grandmother’s…
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My Interview with Poet/Author Nancy Bevilaqua

A Rough Deliverance

Welcome to the last of my brief series of poet interviews for National Poetry Month. Feel free to share your comments letting the authors and I know what you thought of these. And please do check out the first two…
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My Interview with Poet/Author Talisha Harrison

Talisha harrison's first book

My Interview with Poet/Author Talisha Harrison author of “The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess College Days of Future Past” eLPy:  Were you a nerdy kid in school, a jock, popular kid, something else? Talisha:  I was an outsider, still am….
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My Interview with poet/author Loretta Livingstone

Where Angels Tread Loretta Livingstone

My Interview with Poet/Author Loretta Livingstone author of Where Angels Tread, Rhythms of Life, Hopes, Dreams & Medals, Jumping in the Puddles of Life, and Fire and Ice              eLPy: Were you a nerdy kid…
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A New Day – 70 – Daffodils & Upcoming Poet Interviews

Hello Daffodil!

A New Day – 70 – Daffodils & Upcoming Poet Interviews   Hey hey there! Three weeks into April, can you believe? Well we’re full of spring here as you have surely noticed & today will be no less. In fact,…
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A New Day – 52 – Love, Dedication, & NaPoWriMo

Love & Dedication

A New Day – 52 – Love, Dedication, & NaPo(Wri)Mo   Check out this link to poets.org for information on National Poetry Month events and ways to celebrate poetry!   April is National Poetry Month, or National Poetry Writing Month if you prefer…
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A New Day – 21 – The Trek

Snow goose ultimate maestro

A New Day – 21 – The Trek   Stepping away from warmth and security she gazed out at the landscape before her. A trail, not recently traveled, led off to her left. The old tracks left by skis and…
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A New Day – 19 – Still operational

A New Day – 19 – Still Operational   Staying with the theme of keeping on so-to-speak today we meet this little fire hydrant. Surrounded by snow and partially buried it remains operational God forbid the need should arise.  …
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