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We’re getting it together more and more. For the time being I’ve transitioned away from my posts about working in the back yard so I can share some of my thoughts on writing to celebrate the publication of my poetry collection, my debut, woo-hoo! Feel free to let me know what you think about what’s happening here or request information.

Little Face Publications is an independent publisher founded in 2011 for the purpose of publishing and distributing the works of eLPy, including but not limited to her debut collection of poetry, That Which Lives Within. Included in this collection are “poepics”, poetry-infused pictures as well as various black & white images all captured & created by eLPy.

Feedback, reviews, comments, replies, smiley faces, well-wishes, go ahead leave ’em all! Read my book already? Well hey you can share some of your thoughts on it here or post a review, copy and paste it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Booktalk.org, yes I’m all over buddy, sort of…;-). Stay tuned for more updates, including my official book release party, readings, recordings of poems from the book, new links to Facebook, Google+, maybe even a Vine flick! So many opportunities, so little time, keep it coming! 😛


A Bit More About That Which Lives Within

That Which Lives Within is just that, a collection of poems born from real emotions, experiences, desires, dreams, fears, frustrations, joys, and worries, self-discovery and reflection. While created from the life of eLPy, That Which Lives Within speaks to us all as one thing or another within these pages lives within all of us. It is her desire to help us understand what others around us may be thinking and feeling but also to provide words for people who may not be able to find them, just yet, for themselves. The pages in this book are emotional but real, thought-provoking and inspiring. eLPy shows us that life is always a work in progress driven by That Which Lives Within us.

That Which Lives Within is available in print and as an e-book on Amazon, only as an e-book (for now) on Barnes & Noble, and coming soon the print edition will be available on this website.

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How About A Bit More About eLPy?

eLPy is the unintentional, unconventional, sometimes confessional, sometimes emotional poet, writer, and photographer in training (image capture, creator, editor, what-have-you). She lives in the Midwest with 2 parrots (crazy little dudes that they are), a cool mutt with a mouse-like head, and a beautiful cold-blooded ball python. At present she’s only published in the genre of poetry however she also writes fiction and non-fiction. eLPy is excited to expand her creative expressions and grow her knowledge and experience with graphic artistry. Of course she’ll keep you posted!! 🙂

Not too long after starting Little Face Publications, eLPy started a blog, yes here on this website. Her blog serves many different purposes that gives you the chance to take various journeys with eLPy, getting to know her as she sorts through books from her grandmother’s estate, goes to work in her backyard, and shares images as part of her first Project 365 (overall theme to this project will soon be posted). As you may assume, the “yardening” (as eLPy has coined it) is not a year round part of her blog given that she lives in the Midwest and all. At present, eLPy shares her experience as a new author, a proud self-publishing one at that! Yes, That Which Lives Within is self-published! A bit of a mixed bag! So, follow along, you never know where this will go…


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